Recipe for sexy: lean meat and an active lifestyle

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WHAT DO ACTORS Gerald Anderson, Paolo Avelino, and Matteo Guidicelli have in common, aside from their profession? Thanks to their pretty faces and chiseled bodies, the three men are the newest Century Tuna endorsers.

Though, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Avelino are not new Century Tuna faces — they were endorsers in 2008 and 2014, respectively — now, the three men come together to be part of the “Recipe to Sexy” summer campaign. The campaign promotes the versatility and conveniency of canned tuna, which can be paired with anything: it can be eated with pancit canton (noodles), it goes well with an egg sandwich, and can be taken as a silog (eaten with sinangag and itlog — fried rice and an egg), or just as is.

“Breakfast is very important, and I want a dish that is a healthier version of our typical Pinoy breakfast,” said Mr. Anderson, pertaining to tuna and silog.

But besides clean eating, the three said their active lifestyles have kept them fit and healthy. They find time for exercise, but they admit they also have their “tamad” (lazy) days.

“I admit I do get lazy sometimes,” said Mr. Avelino, smiling. “The trick is to get up and get some sun to pump you up.”

Mr. Guidicelli, a triathlete, added: Find a team or a buddy to motivate you.

This is what host and producer Raymond Gutierrez has done over the past 90 days. Another Century Tuna endorser, he lost 65 pounds after the brand challenged him to trim down. Mr. Gutierrez works with his fitness team: nutritionist Nadine Tengco and gym trainor Arnold Aninion.

Among the tuna brand’s other endorsers are actors Luis Manzano, Anne Curtis, and James Reid.

“Filipinos have always been an avid showbiz crowd. The reasons why we use personalities, because I guess [people] look up to the celebrities who are also into fitness. Usually, Filipinos associate themselves with celebrities,” said Gela Gamboa, Century Tuna product manager.

The brands under the Century Pacific Food, Inc. — including Century Tuna, 555, Fresca, and Blue Bay, among others — make up 85% of the canned fish in the market. The brands with the most endorsers are 555 and Century Tuna.