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Investments are items you buy now that will gain money or benefits in the future. Think about the investments you have made in the past. Are they producing the income or benefits you want them to produce now? What are some other things you could put your money on to gain more in the future?

We invited one of our friends, Jim Clerigo, Alveo Land Corporation associate regional sales Ddirector, to tell us more about investing on real estate and what benefits you could reap in the near future.

What is real estate?

For me, real estate is about the future—a future that is tangible and something that you could actually live in. It also means investment for you and your children’s children. It’s all about security really. Your children will have something to inherit in the future, and it’s an assurance and security you can already provide them now. It’s like a bank where your money grows but at a higher rate. Banks could close but your properties would stay forever.

How much money do you need to invest in properties?

It really depends on how big your dream is. If you want to purchase properties in exclusive villages or from high-end brands, it will cost you at least ₱6 million. With us, reservation fees are at ₱100,000 per unit while the monthly amortization ranges from ₱50,000 up.

It really depends on what you need and what you can afford. If you want a property but you find it expensive, then work harder to be able to afford it. Or better yet, check your spending behavior. There might be some unnecessary expenses which you can do away with so you can increase your purchasing power on the things that really matter. Your income should at least be 50% greater than your expenses for you to really be able to save up.

What is your advice on money and investments?

If you have the money, choose to invest on real estate. Buy properties you can afford, but don’t stop there. You should always be on the lookout for new developments. The best time to buy is the first day a project or development is offered to the public. The inventory is fresh and the price is at its lowest during this time. It’s okay to make sacrifices early in your life so you can reap the fruits for you and your family later on.

Also, buy properties from reputable brands only. It’s so easy to search which ones can be trusted more. Check first the reputation and track record of the company you want to deal with. Right now, in our country, it is not just about good locations but also about the brands or companies as well.

We are actually pretty lucky that there are many options and ways in order for us to invest our money and make it grow. What’s important is it is aligned with the goals we set for ourselves and the capabilities we have now. The only way these investments will work for us is if we stay committed to them and if our resources can handle these commitments. Invest on those worthy of investment and reap the fruits for you and your family in the near future.

Jim Clerigo is currently an associate regional sales director of Alveo Land Corp., handling Laguna and Cavite Properties. You may reach him through 0917-5771000 or