Real estate investing do’s and don’t’s in a post-COVID world

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If there’s anything this pandemic has taught us, it’s having priorities. Many Filipinos, having been under community quarantine for a few months, have had some time to really think about what they value and how they envision their future. Two things have proven important: financial security and having a home to call one’s own. While this may lead to an impetus to purchase property, whether that’s to live in or earn from, thoughtfulness and research would go a long way. CitiGlobal Realty Develoment, Inc., a lifestyle developer that brings affordable leisure properties to Filipinos, lists the do’s and don’t’s of real estate investing in the post-COVID world:

DO check your budget and consider all the costs.You have the motivation, but do you have the funds?With so many attractive low-downpayment offers available today, purchasing property has been more accessible than ever — but it’s far from a straightforward buy. Extra costs and fees can pile up and eat into your budget, so make sure that your budget covers costs beyond the downpayment and ammortization fees. Pandemic or no pandemic, it’s always a good thing to consider your budget.

DO consider your needs. Knowing what you know now, you’re better equipped to assess which property type and location is best for you. Did you realize that you want to grow your own food, and therefore need a home that has space for this? Do you want a home that’s closer to your family? Do you want a vacation home where you can stay isolated in comfort for as long as you wish? With businesses and schools migrating to digital platforms, connectivity takes precedence over proximity — which begs, the question, what life do you really want to live and where do you want to live it?

DON’T get distracted by things that shine. Have you been spending too much time on Pinterest again? While having inspiration is always a good thing, don’t let your “pegs” sway you into making impulsive decisions. As many of us have learned while under quarantine, any home has the potential to become a home office, a professional kitchen, a yoga studio, etc. — it’s all up to you. Look past the well-lit, wide-angle-shot brochure photos and visit the property. Book a visit with an agent. Inspect it with a professional.

DO your research on the developer. Whether the property you’re eyeing is in a masterplanned community, a subdivision, or a condo development, always do your background research on the developer. What is their track record? Do they follow through on their vision? Are their existing properties well maintained? Do they work with reliable utilities providers? All these are things come with the property, and it’s best to make sure you’re not getting stuck with a bad deal.

DO consider its earning potential. A property in itself is an investment, but an emerging type of property, condotels, are claimingto have more earning potential, since owners can rent them out as hotel rooms when they are not around. Most Filipino property investors are Overseas Filipino Workers or owners of multiple homes, for whom condotels are a viable option. CitiGlobal Realty Develoment, Inc. has condotel properties in Tagaytay and Palawanthat come with hotel privileges including housekeeping, room service, maintenance, amenities, and shuttle service. Owners may enjoy it as a vacation home, or enroll their property under CitiGlobal’s Condotel Program, where owners can rent out their units while they are away. Now more than ever, passive income investments provide an increased sense of security. Do consider buying a property that can give you your investment back.

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