Raymund Marasigan produces new single for We Got

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THE EIGHT-PIECE reggae band We Got has released its first single from Sony Music Philippines, “Lihim na Pagtingin,” a song produced by singer Raymund Marasigan.

The song, described as a “mix of steady, groovy beat and a horn section straight from a summer retreat” in a release, is about two people who have been friends for a long who secretly have deeper feelings for one another.

“Finally, courage took over and they finally let their feelings out. Love wins,” the band’s vocalist and guitarist Mack de la Cruz said in a statement.

The band is composed of Mr. De la Cruz, Makoy Quebral on rhythm guitars and backup vocals, Nam Reput on bass, CJ Bernardo on percussions, Thoper Laroco on drums, Melvin Bernardo on saxophone, Anthony “Tonton” Otoc on trumpet, and John Rafael Morales on trombone.

The song was produced by Raymund Marasigan, best known as a member of the rock band Eraserheads. After leaving the Eraserheads, he has been involved with other bands such as Sandwich, Pedicab, Cambio, Assembly Generals, Ultra Combo, Basement Lung, and Squid9.

“Raymund Marasigan is a legendary icon of our generation. Working with him is even beyond our imagination. He’s very professional, patient, cool, innovative and has a very wild and crazy mind!,” Mr. De la Cruz said.

“His ideas are simply out of this world (in a very good way). He never looked down on us. He never failed to boost our confidence, taught so many things which we surely value so much,” he added.

Mr. Marasigan said “We Got is like a family,” so they worked to “capture that vibe” with the song.

Lihim na Pagtingin” is available on Spotify and other music streaming sites. — ZBC