GOLDEN HOME Realty Development, Inc. is developing a Periveo, an integrated lifestyle community in Lipa, Batangas.

The company said the 42-hectare development will integrate premium residential enclaves, an expansive leisure hub, and future retail and commercial features. Half of Periveo will be dedicated to open spaces, pocket parks, facilities and amenities.

An e-shuttle transport system will bring residents from The District — Periveo’s future commercial area — to designated terminals around the community.

“We wanted to build a sustainable community where residents can espouse a healthy lifestyle, and that fosters a sense of belongingness. A place where children can run around freely, creating wonderful memories within the safety of a gated village,” Golden Home Realty President Ivan Howard Guintu said in a statement.

Golden Home Realty broke ground on Periveo’s first residential enclave. Highgrove will feature modern contemporary houses on lots ranging from 120 square meters (sq.m.) to over 300 sq.m. Units will have three to four bedrooms, a balcony, garden yard, and a two-car garage.