DMCI HOMES recently introduced an option that would give renters an option to purchase a condominium unit in selected properties.

“This limited time promo offers a lease-to-own option to those who will rent a unit in select move-in ready DMCI Homes properties in Metro Manila, Baguio and Davao through DMCI Homes Leasing Services,” the company said in a statement.

A client can move into a unit after paying one month’s rent in advance and the two-month deposit requirement for a 24-month lease.

DMCI Homes said the promo comes with a “lock-in price” that would shield the client from any unit price increases in the future.

If a client decides to purchase the unit, he needs to submit a letter of intent six months before the end of the lease contract. The client should also pay the required minimum equity down payment before securing financing scheme within the six-month conversion allowance.

A “significant portion” of the rental fee will be credited as down payment for the purchase of the condominium.