By Bjorn Biel M. Beltran
Special Features Writer

ONLINE real estate platform Signet Properties, working with SeedIn Technology (SeedIn PH) and RE/MAX Premier Manila, launched Flint — the first tech-enabled real estate crowdfunding platform in the Philippines.

Flint aims to simplify and streamline the process of purchasing and investing in Philippine properties, while making it more accessible for local investors. The platform allows this through SeedIn PH’s robust financial system and network throughout Southeast Asia, as well as RE/MAX’s’ income-generating and capital-gaining real estate properties in Flint’s pre-funded portfolio.

“We are most excited about this latest innovation because it will finally provide opportunities for anyone who is hesitant or is overwhelmed with the process of investing in Philippine properties,” Andre Mercado, Signet Properties CEO, said.

He said that all real estate properties available for investment at Flint are pre-funded. For as low as P1,000, users can purchase a share of the real estate property regardless of whether or not the total Flint user investment has reached the investment amount of the property selected. Pre-funding the properties also allows the platform to secure higher interest rates and accelerate investment closing so users can earn the interest quickly.

Moreover, as it is powered by SeedIn, Flint has special regulatory accreditation covered. Foreigners and foreign-born investors can invest in available investments in Flint as long as there are no legal issues, precedents, or any other special circumstances that prohibit them from doing so, and they have passed account verification by Flint’s customer support team.

“Through our strategic partnership with Signet Properties and RE/MAX Premier Manila, we are empowering investors by strengthening services offered in Flint for the investment and real estate needs of Filipinos, overseas Filipino workers (OFW), and foreign investors, by ensuring the investments are safe, high-yield property projects that go through rigorous due diligence processes, all under a digital crowdfunding platform where Flint investors can participate and invest in its property projects safely and conveniently,” Edison Tsai, SeedIn partner and executive director, said.

Mr. Mercado added that the company plans to expand its reach to countries with significant OFW communities to include properties abroad in its pre-funded portfolio.