Primepay partners with Bayad Center and MultiSys for bills payment

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Primepay, Inc. (Primepay), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prime Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI), announces collaboration with Multisys Technologies Corporation (MultiSys) and CIS Bayad Center, Inc. (Bayad Center). Headed by Manuel Paolo A. Villar, Primepay is in the works to simplify their operations and payment transactions through the AllEasy application software (AllEasy).

AllEasy pursues to make big leaps with its business expansions by introducing more digital advancement within operations and to better serve its customers. Through systems integration of MultiSys, Primepay will be able to connect with Bayad Center’s payment platform to ease finances and payments. “This will enable seamless transactions allowing the business to thrive not only on ground but also technologically. We embrace
technology openly to usher an easier digital lifestyle to consumers”, said Manuel Paolo Villar.

Aside from payment integrations, system development is ongoing with the leading software solutions company in the Philippines, MultiSys. Focused on advanced systems research and development, MultiSys is able to provide innovations and empower AllEasy to break new grounds industry-wide.