NOTEBOOKS AND other paper-based products are expected to increase as consumers begin buying supplies for the school opening in June. “We are expecting the release of SRPs (suggested retail prices) for the school supplies this week, but before its release there are words already that there will be increases in the prices of notebooks and other paper-based products,” Rachel S. Remitio, Department of Trade and Industry-Davao (DTI-11) chief for small and medium enterprises development services, told the media. She gave a price hike estimate of around 10% from previous prices due to higher cost of raw materials, and increase in power rates and fuel. Ms. Remitio explained that SRPs are set by the government in consultation with manufacturers, retailers and other stakeholders. The SRPs are contained in the Gabay sa Pamimili ng School Supplies released by the DTI ( Ms. Remitio said they will be visiting retailer shops around the region to monitor compliance to the SRPs. — Maya M. Padillo