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Nancy Siy, founder of Manila Vegans, explains to BusinessWorld reporter Ashley Erika O. Jose that veganism is grounded in morality and ethics. “Veganism is more of a social justice movement,” she said. “We are beginning to acknowledge that animals are not machines or property. They are sentient beings.”

Aside from excluding meat from one’s diet, being vegan means avoiding the use of animal-based products.


Veganism is a social justice movement.
“Our goal in animal liberation does not depend on products. It depends on shifting the mindset of people,” said Ms. Siy. “Our goal as vegans is to end animal use and we are still far from that, and that is okay. Because there is a lot of learning and unlearning that has to happen and we need to understand that

Veganism is tied to ethics and morality.
“Our call is to individuals: number one is to be vegan. To be involved in systematic changes like legislation to be passed so that the barriers of veganism can be broken down,” Ms. Siy said.

“We cannot talk about sustainability without talking about morality. What I am trying to say is when we talk about sustainability we cannot separate ethics, it should still be considered,” she added.

Recorded remotely in December 2022. Produced by Joseph Emmanuel L. Garcia, and Sam L. Marcelo.


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