By Manny N. de los Reyes

IN THE late 1940s, the Italians were reeling from the effects of WWII. Knowing that people lacked the ability to acquire and pay for the upkeep of four-wheeled vehicles, aircraft designer Corradino D’Ascanio — creator of the Vespa — came up with a solution. He designed a small, three-wheeled commercial vehicle that could help rebuild Italy’s economy from the ground, giving small entrepreneurs a chance at surviving the new financial environment.

This vehicle was the Piaggio APÉ.

Today, in a world where small-scale entrepreneurship thrives, the APÉ remains true to what it set out to do when it first came out: help the economy from the ground.

Now with three new models and a wide range of customization options, the APÉ is the most adaptable small-scale platform around.

The APÉ packs a single-cylinder, naturally aspirated, direct injection, 4-stroke, 435cc diesel engine — the smallest in the world. With a highly efficient rate of consumption — 36km/l on primary and secondary roads — it’s cost-effective and easy to maintain. It’s also EURO 4-compliant and classified as a non-polluting vehicle, even when carrying its maximum capacity, lessening its impact on the environment.

Capable of bearing half a ton, the APÉ 3-wheeler is especially convenient for hauling cargo over narrow, crowded streets, with a footprint that measures 3144 mm x 1490 mm and carry load of 435-600 kg.

The APÉ can be configured for basically anything — Drive Away Chassis, City, Passenger, Long Deck, Closed Van, and 3-Wing Van — allowing it to adapt to whatever you need.

Partnering with foremost ride hailing service in the country, the APÉ can also offer alternative transport solutions to an underserved sector.

3 new models

A passenger platform that can carry up to four passengers and a driver, the Auto DX comes in Blanco White, Western Red, Eco-Green, Charming Blue, Jet Black and Golden Yellow.

SRP: P218,000
Piaggio APÉ 5
With a 3-sided cargo deck opening that can carry 535kg, the Xtra LDX is the basic cargo model, and is both reliable and efficient. Comes in Blanco White and Charming Blue.

SRP: P248,000
Piaggio APÉ 6
The Auto DAC’s 5×5 flatbed gives it a lot of space for cargo. You can also turn it into a closed van or a 3-wing van: café, bar, support vehicle, or whatever you can imagine. It can also be turned into a small jeepney, patrol car, or even a fire truck, making it a good solution for local government units. Comes in Blanco White, Western Red, Eco-Green, and Jet Black.

SRP: P218,000

Piaggio Porter

Piaggio Porter 1000 (4-wheeler): A compact solution

THE Piaggio Porter 1000 combines the toughness of a truck with the size of a city car, making it a handy solution for cargo while efficiently using space. Coupled with the ease maintaining a small vehicle, the Porter gives you the option to carry larger loads while avoiding the costs of a full-scale truck.

The Porter’s front engine and rear wheel drive allow it to maximize its load capacity, letting you carry a little over a ton in cargo. With its 185mm ground clearance, it can handle most terrain with ease.

It’s also Euro 4-compliant, with a top speed of 70 km/h and low fuel consumption of 20km/l. Cost-effective and a great solution for larger deliveries, the Porter comes in Eco Green, Blanco White, and Western Red.

Piaggio APé is distributed by Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises, Inc. Contact (02) 251-0563, visit their showroom at 138 Brgy. Tatalon St., Quezon Ave. cor. Araneta Ave., Quezon City or check out their Facebook page: Piaggio Apé Philippines, Instagram: @piaggioape_ph and