PhilJets acquires 3 helicopters

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PHILJETS GROUP said it is expanding its fleet with the acquisition of three new helicopters this year.

In a statement on Monday, the company said it had ordered Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, a single-engine, four-seat aircraft which PhilJets is considering to be its new flagship helicopter.

“PhilJets is embarking on a new era of style, efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and competitiveness…. We are thrilled to operate the Bell 505…. It is the most cost-efficient helicopter in the Philippines thanks to its low operating cost,” PhilJets Chairman Thierry Tea said in the statement.

The new aircraft, which was bought through PhilJet’s parent company Starline Global Industries Group, will boost the company’s existing fleet of 10 helicopters and four business jets. Mr. Tea said they want to expand their fleet to 30 aircraft in the next three years.

“These additional helicopters will provide us with more capacities, flexibilities and incredible synergies. We are aiming to reach 30 aircraft including 20 helicopters in the next 3 years,” he was quoted as saying.

PhilJets Chief Executive Officer Willyn Villarica added, “With Bell’s incredibly reliable customer support, PhilJets trusts that the addition of these few more helicopters from Bell will strengthen our operations.”

The company said it has been “growing at a fast pace” the past four years with a 100% growth every year. It noted its revenues increased 25% in 2018, and its target is to build it up by 35% this year.

PhilJets offers charter flights to its clients for executive travel, aerial works, helicopter tour destinations and special occasions. It is under Singapore-based Starline Global Industries Group, which also owns PhilJets Aero Services, Inc. and PhilJets Aero Charter Corp. — Denise A. Valdez