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Recruiters can be very fickle‑minded when they are looking for the perfect applicant. The key here is to present yourself as one. We’ve already discussed the many ways you can make yourself highly desirable to employers during the job searching phase of your career.

However, that is only half the battle. The next thing to keep in mind is the resumé you’ll be handing out to prospective future employers. The resumé, also known as the piece of paper that can somehow make‑or‑break your application.

According to a Seek Asia study in 2016, it takes only six seconds for recruiters to view an applicant’s resumé. For you to get to the interview part of the application process, you have to impress the recruiters in those six seconds. The question is how?

Most fresh graduates looking for a job right out of college commit the mistake of putting so much details in their resumés. Preferably, a resumé is just a one‑page that succinctly lists your basic details, experience, and skills.

Unsure of what to include, the fresh graduate ultimately puts what is not needed and forgets to include the most crucial ones—those that will separate him from the rest of the applicants. Check out these resumé templatesif you’re unsure where to start.

What to include

The first thing to remember about your resumé is to include contact details. These should be displayed prominently: address, email, and your contact number. The next is your educational background, where you should focus on your college education.

The same goes for the achievements part of your resumé. Anything before college is optional. Include the awards you got from contests and from your alma mater and should be relevant to the field you’re angling to be a part of.

For the character reference, be sure to include only professionals that you trust will give you a fair review once recruiters contact them. These people should be professionals, your mentors during your college years or your supervisors during your internship.

Highlight your experience and skills

Being a fresh graduate doesn’t make you lack experience, you just have to know what to label as “experience.”

College life wouldn’t be complete without extra curricular activities, the organizations and clubs that caught your interests and joined. Do not forget to also include the seminars and conferences you attended that are relevant to the professional filed you want to be a part of, include the dates and places where these were conducted.

The same goes for the “skills” section of your resumé. Include the ones that you think will give you an advantage over the other applicants for a position you’re eyeing. If you have certifications for these skills, much better.

A cookie‑cutter is not needed

During the course of your job searching, you might find yourself applying for different positions or even different fields. The key here so that your application won’t meet an untimely end is to customize your resumé based on the position you’re eyeing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the application process is long and tedious. Do not expect to receive an interview notification right after passing your resumé. Recruiters are most likely reviewing the submitted resumés to determine which ones warrant an interview. Regularly check your email for updates because you wouldn’t want to miss an interview invitation.

The final obstacle is ahead

The subheading is a misnomer, there are actually a couple more obstacles ahead. There will be second, third, or even fourth interviews, not to mention tests and exams.

And if you do get hired, once you sign those contract papers, the next obstacle will be the requirements. We’re pretty sure that by now, you’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about them: the long lines for the NBI clearance, the even longer lines at the clinic for medical exams, the impossibility of getting valid IDs for fresh graduates, and a lot more.

But in the end, it’ll all be worth it: you’ll take the job and it’ll be the start of a new journey.

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