Parkway Hospitals Singapore holds fund-raising medical forum for the High School Class ’71 of Assumption Convent, for its Mission Schools

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From left to right: Stella Rufino, Sabrina Panlilio (Directors, Assumption Alumnae Association), Vincent Lai (Market Development Manager, Parkway Hospitals Singapore), Ramona Velasco and Tere Del Rosa (Class of ’71)

Parkway Hospitals Singapore in cooperation with the Assumption Convent High School Class ‘71 and the Manila Polo Club, organized a fund-raising seminar entitled “IN THE KNOW,” which featured two eminent doctors Dr. Chia Nin Yin and Dr. Benjamin Tow.  Parkway Hospitals Singapore is  a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parkway Pantai Limited, a  leader in private health care services in Asia. They have built a solid reputation in quality clinical outcomes and comprehensive care, through their integrated health care facilities and over 40 years of experience in hospital development.

They operate four hospitals: Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Parkway East Hospital and several medical centers in Singapore, offering multi-disciplinary specialist care. Its medical services and facilities house more than 1,000 beds and 1,400 accredited medical specialists.

Dr. Chia Yin Nin is a gynecological oncologist who specializes in medical conditions of the female reproductive system such as cancer of the uterus, ovary and cervix. Dr. Chia Yin Nin performs laparoscopic and robotic surgeries of the pelvis. She is a founding member of the Asian Society of Gynaecologic Oncology. Dr. Benjamin Tow is an orthopedic surgeon who has treated countless patients with medical problems of the spine, neck, shoulders and knees. He specializes in minimally invasive surgeries of the spine, knees hips and shoulders, a procedure that requires only one or two days of hospitalization and allows the patient to recover quickly.

The briefing was attended by an SRO crowd at the Manila Polo Club. Dr. Chia shared vital information on regular screening for women aged 40 and above and the merits of the early detection of cancer. “Most cancers are treatable if they are diagnosed at an early stage,” said Dr. Chia. “Women need to be more self-aware especially when they reach the age of 30, and getting regular screening such as PAP smears and mammograms are good ways to know what is happening to our bodies.” Dr. Chia stressed that cancers of the uterus and ovary have no visible or obvious signs at the early stages therefore regular screening is a must. PAP smears can detect small lesions that may be warning signs of a developing cancer.

Her talk was followed by a presentation of Dr. Benjamin Tow who discussed medical conditions related to the spine, neck, shoulders and knees. Leading a sedentary lifestyle where you spend most of your waking hours seated, can bring a lot of strain on your back and shoulders. Daily stretching and regulated physical activity will help strengthen your muscles and joints and keep the swelling away.” Dr. Tow also touched on back problems encountered by athletes and sporty types. “Improper posture during running and cycling and inadequate stretching before working out can likewise cause stress injuries of your back and knees. Excessive and repeated movements of the hips and knees during running and cycling can cause inflammation of the joins that will weaken the ligaments. This may lead to a tear in your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or your knee meniscus cartilage.

The forum was organized to raise funds for the Assumption Convent High School Class of ‘71 on the occasion of their 50th anniversary. As part of its community service campaign, Parkway Hospitals Singapore represented by the Market Development Manager, Vincent Lai turned over a donation to the Assumption Alumnae Association. The cash donation of P80,000 will go to the Assumption mission schools:

1. The St. Martin’s School in Baguio City

2. The San Juan Nepomuceno School in Malibay, Pasay City

3. The Assumpta Technical School in San Simon, Pampanga,

4. The Socio-Educational Center in Barrio Obrero, Iloilo City

5. Assumption Grade School, in Passi, Iloilo

6. Sta. Rita Academy in Sibalom, Antique

7. St. Vincent Academy in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte.

8. Xavier de Kibangay High School in Lantapan, Bukidnon

The donation from Parkway Hospitals formally launched the fund-raising efforts of the Assumption Convent High School Class ‘71 to commemorate their 50th anniversary.