Over 100 retailers rally with Huawei, offers special warranty program to confirm use of Google apps

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To assure consumers who are interested in Huawei phones, partner retailers and dealers will offer a “Special Warranty Program” for upcoming purchases of any current Huawei model. All devices covered by this special warranty will have no issue concerning the usage of Google apps and services such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Photos, Chrome, and YouTube. The same goes as well with non-Google ones such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

This special warranty is offered exclusively by participating dealers to show their continued support to the brand while at the same time provide a worry-free experience for consumers with their new Huawei device. Key retail partners such as MemoXpress, Rulls, and around 30 more support the special warranty program, reassuring consumers that all Huawei devices purchased from them are fully equipped with Google services ready to go.

As dealers are offering this special warranty, current users of Huawei models express their confidence in the strength of their phones and also their satisfaction with the exceptional after-sales service.

Mark Anthony Lacsamana, a Huawei Mate 20 Pro User, agreed earnestly when asked if the device was worth his money.

“It’s because everything that I want in a phone is here. The camera, for example, is clear even at a distance. And then, in terms of its durability, it remains sturdy and has no scratches at all even when my phone fell several times,” he said in the vernacular.

Meanwhile, another customer, Ryan Lu, took his Huawei Nova 3i in for Service Day, and he’s proud of his choice of device. “It’s very stylish, unique, and affordable. And also, it’s very powerful,” he said of the device’s features, among them the KIRIN 710 processor. What he likes the most about the phone, however, is its capability for him to personalize and customize.

Ryan Lu shows his Nova 3i

Regarding recent issues involving Huawei and Google, Mr. Lu is unfazed, and he no longer bothers with them as long as the phone works well. In fact, he shared that his family, who would join him on that Service Day, were influenced by his purchase to buy Huawei phones for themselves.

Pauline Delicano is another proud and satisfied Nova 3i owner. Having tried other brands before, she switched to Huawei the moment she had the chance.

“Now, it’s one of the most competitive brands. I think it [the issues] doesn’t really matter as long as we will get the services that we have always been getting. I don’t think it wouldn’t affect us that much as long as the current users won’t be experiencing any problems,” Ms. Delicano said.

On the other hand, Mariel Tanggol, a Huawei concept store supervisor and a firm supporter of the brand, mentioned how thrilled her sales team was after hearing about the warranty program.

“Before the warranty program, I saw the eagerness among the sales promoters to help out consumers with their questions. But after the warranty came out, I also saw, as a supervisor, how they became more confident and motivated in demonstrating the units and explaining to customers about the issue,” she said.

Ms. Tanggol together with her sales team at SM Mall of Asia branch felt the trust and confidence of consumers towards the brand, and she has even seen a significant impact in sales after the announcement of the warranty program.

Huawei sales team

Ultimately, consumers will benefit the most with the warranty program wherein they now think that they are getting the value for the money they spent.

Also, according to the store supervisor, most consumers were surprised by the fact that dealers offer after-sales services like the special warranty. She also found that 99% of the customers who heard the news from the sales promoters expressed ecstatic remarks about this while showing contentment as well.

Furthermore, MemoXpress Vice President for Operations Edward Tan shared his warm response with Huawei’s fine way of addressing recent issues, saying, “We are one with Huawei in pushing for quality service including after-sales initiatives that will surely put Filipino consumers first.”

“We express our support and full trust with Huawei through this special warranty program to prove that Huawei devices are safe to purchase,” Mr. Tan added.

Edward Tan, Vice President for Operations at MemoXpress

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