THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) puts the spotlight on obstacle course racing (OCR) — now a competitive sport being played globally — in a dedicated episode of Rise Up, Shape Up streamed on Dec. 11.

The special webisode titled “No Obstacle is Unbeatable,” will be headlined by coaches and sports development specialists to expound on obstacle course racing as a competitive sport and deepen our insights on how sports can help people overcome life’s obstacles.

“Competing means you have to beat and win over opponents. It is a lesson that we can apply to real-world obstacles. We need to overcome and survive obstacles in life to come out strong and win in life,” PSC Women in Sports over-sight Commissioner Celia Kiram said.

The value of sports goes beyond making athletes and sports enthusiasts stronger in body, it also applies to the mind and spirit.

“We needed sports to show us how we can be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally to conquer hurdles and problems,” Ms. Kiram pointed out, who will also share a brief and interesting trivia on OCR in “K-Isport” segment.

Coach Patricia Puzon currently serves as the founding director and coach of MAC’s CrankIt Tennis Academy (MCTA) in Australia will open the episode on Saturday starting at 10:30 a.m.

Ms. Puzon will be joined by Karen Tanchanco-Caballero, President of the Pilipinas Sepak Takraw Federation, Inc. and the Deputy Secretary-General of the POC; Nerza del Rosario-Manalastas, former Philippine Dragonboat na-tional team co-captain; Marry Ann Crisostomo, FEU wellness and recreation specialist; and Dr. Ligaya Gina Sarmiento, Director of the Sports Development and Management Office of Tarlac State University