Alongside the outstanding sustained growth of the Philippine economy during 2017, the country’s automotive market is enjoying a prosperous year with double-digit growth in sales and production. According to the ASEAN Automotive Federation data, the Philippines maintains its position as a leader in the markets of the seven countries in Southeast Asia, only behind Myanmar in terms of motor vehicle sales.

More Filipinos have the financial capability to purchase their first cars, and the Philippine automobile industry seems more than happy to provide them with a plethora of choices. We’ve compiled a list of the most notable cars, SUVs and pickup trucks this year.

Suzuki Swift

Discarding flash and spectacle in favor of keeping its design and silhouette distinct and impressionable, the Suzuki Swift is built for smooth sailing. Loaded with 1.2-cylinder four cylinder Variable Valve Timing engine alongside other premium features and thoughtfully designed comforts, driving in the Swift is a quiet, satisfying experience.

Mazda 2 SkyActiv

The striking KODO: Soul of Motion design is as elegant as ever in this year’s iteration of the popular Mazda 2. The car is not only designed for action with SKYACTIV with G-Vectoring Control technology, which gives it a high compression ratio to produce more torque and better responsiveness even at low revs, but is also coupled with the impressive fuel efficiency, engine power, and safety features that it has become known for. The newest Mazda 2 impresses with the responsiveness, maneuverability, efficiency, and power that anyone looking for a new car can appreciate.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

One of the better releases for the year is the new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero Sport, which easily surpasses all the expectations set by its previous iteration. Classy and capable as ever, the newest iteration comes with improved features and a number of design tweaks. The sharp and futuristic aesthetic that gives off a dynamic and powerful presence, the first-of-its-kind Euro-4 compliant 2.4L Clean Diesel engine with Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Electronic Control system, and the roomy, comfortable interiors make the new Montero Sport the one of the best SUV options out there.

Isuzu D-Max

The newest refresh of the beloved workhorse from Isuzu came with the introduction of new features and new Blue Power Euro 4-compliant turbodiesel engines. Designed for practicality, the D-Max serves its intended purpose with a powerful, fuel-efficient, and eco-friendly engine perfect for modern traffic conditions, as well as innovative upgrades to its interior tech. The cabin has also been improved for maximum comfort and quietness. Isuzu offers those looking for a top of the line pickup truck with a trusty, able wagon that can meet any demand.


The newest iteration of Morris Garage’s city car builds around the model’s unique design, unveiling a tweaked sporty and stylishly built hatchback. The MG3 comes with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that can run up to 105hp at 6,000rpm and 135Nm at 4,500rpm, and an improved interior packed with new tech. Marketed as an affordable and fun option for those shopping for a supermini, the MG3 delivers with style to spare.

Honda CR-V

With the company-given moniker of “The Sporty SUV,” the 2017 Honda CR-V comes with a distinctive design, from the headlights and taillights to the sculpted panels. The CR-V stands out as an SUV that caters to the general car-owning populace, with its comfortable and spacious cabin, and emphasis on practicality in its features. Its refined performance while on the road, in addition to its luxurious array of safety features, keeps the Honda CR-V among the best SUV options available. — Bjorn Biel M. Beltran