Naked and proud: food in the raw

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CHRISTIAN MARK JACOBS, businessman and husband of fashion designer Francis Libiran, is showing the world something naked: food.

Mr. Jacobs, in a press release, defines what naked food is: “Real food: fresh ingredients, recipes made from scratch, food that looks just as good as it tastes.” The Naked Foodie, a blog ( that will feature restaurant reviews, celebrity guests, recipes, and travel vlogs, will be launched by Mr. Jacobs this year, while his online food store, Naked Patisserie ( is already up and running. “All the cakes are really unique; it’s not stuff that you’re going to find anywhere else,” said Mr. Jacobs during a luncheon at their Makati home on Aug. 28.

The cakes listed include Signature Red Velvet Cake sprinkled with edible gold; Mocha Bailey’s cake, a fluffy Strawberries and Cream cake, and a dense Chocoholic Truffle cake.

Mr. Jacobs has a background in the education sector, and his work took him from the American South to Asia. “This whole project came about very organically,” he said. “I’ve always loved food; it’s always been my biggest passion.”

He recalls moonlighting as a bartender in Korea, as well as selling his homemade hummus and aioli dip, all while working as a business developer for a company in the education sector. When he moved to Singapore, he hosted parties and barbecues. Upon moving to the Philippines, he says he “elevated” his parties. Guests rave about his food, especially a fried Italian-style pork chop made with a recipe passed down for four generations. “After hearing that for so long, I just sort of caved in to the inevitable,” he said. “Yeah, this is my passion.”

Aside from the cakes in his repertoire, The Naked Patisserie will also offer cookies, truffles, and jarred dip. Next month, he’s coming out with a line of wines sourced from Southern Italy. “This is all part of a much bigger vision,” said Mr. Jacobs. This vision includes physical Naked Patisserie stores, and a restaurant called The Naked Bistro. “I want to put myself out there already. I want people to understand that food has always been a part of who I am,” he said. “Food is not just something that I decided to do on a whim.” — Joseph L. Garcia