MSI-ECS Philippines, Inc. celebrates 20th anniversary in the ICT community

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Bringing success and excellence in the ICT community

By Mark Louis F. FerrolinoSpecial Features Writer

From a small entity with a pool of 50 personnel, MSI-ECS Philippines, Inc. has evolved into a powerhouse in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) distribution business with over 800 employees. As the largest ICT distributor in the country today, MSI-ECS offers an impressive breadth of products, solutions, and services for multi-industries. This year, MSI-ECS marks another milestone as it celebrates two decades of success and excellence in ICT distribution.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, MSI-ECS held a gala dinner on April 18 at the Shangri-La Fort in Taguig City. The celebration paid tribute to the different stakeholders who have been instrumental in its success. Present during the event were VST-ECS Holdings Ltd. executives, vendors, channel partners, media representatives, bankers, suppliers, and MSI-ECS employees.

With close to a thousand guests, the event gathered the largest brands in the ICT industry and the biggest and largest channel partners in the retail, commercial and enterprise segments.

MSI-ECS President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jimmy D. Go said in a speech during the event that the trust and contributions of its partners were what brought MSI-ECS to where it is today.

“As I stand in front of you, I am reminded of how we inched our way to achieving our stature. We used to be small with big dreams,” Mr. Go said.

The once simple box mover has now transformed into a valued added distributor and a technology enabler. Mr. Go proudly shared that MSI-ECS is now among the top 100 corporations in the country based on a 2016 report by the Philippine Business Profiles.

As it continues to receive various accolades and overcome challenges brought by the highly disruptive industry, the company grew fast and extended its portfolio with more brands.

“Today, we represent most of the major brands in the ICT business — 48 and still counting — from mainstream products to innovators and disruptors. A big achievement for a company that started with just 50 people and now composed of a close to a thousand highly committed individuals,” Mr. Go said.

One formidable source of MSI-ECS’ strength comes from its partner company VST-ECS, a leading ICT products and services provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

“The success of MSI-ECS is also the success of VST-ECS group,” David Li, VST-ECS Holdings group chairman and CEO, said in a speech. “MSI and ECS have been together in 2006. Since then, under the leadership of Jimmy, the company has grown from strength to strength, increasing its revenue five times.”

Mr. Li said that it is extremely difficult to find a good partner, thus they are happy that they are having a great partnership with MSI-ECS.

Seeing how Bonifacio Global City (BGC) developed into an impressive, modern, smart and beautiful district, Mr. Li is optimistic that the Philippines would have a bright future and MSI-ECS will prosper together with it.

To recognize the steadfast support from its channel partners, MSI-ECS honors its top-performing partners in retail, provincial, commercial, and enterprise segments during the event.

MSI-ECS also recognized significant individuals during the event. These are the company’s loyal employees who have become part of MSI-ECS’ success since its inception in 1998. These employees have shown exemplary performance, skills and commitment, exceeding company’s expectations in their own ways.

As Mr. Go said, some transformations may be experienced in the years ahead but there is one thing that will not change: the MSI-ECS’ commitment to its people who formed and shaped the identity of MSI-ECS.

“They are the intellectual assets that make the difference. Technology is just a tool. People make all the deciding difference. They are the true instruments for growth,” Mr. Go said.

In closing, Mr. Go enjoined all its stakeholders to grow stronger together. “The next 10 years will pose new challenges for all of us as we navigate in the sea of change brought about by continued influx of technologies, evolving customer needs, new breed of workforce, and changing business models. My hope is that we work together and be prepared to embrace change in our goal of moving innovations into the hands of our customers,” he added.