Move-in must-haves

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One of the most significant milestones young adults can have is getting a place entirely of their own. Not only is it an undeniable sign of moving up in life, having a condominium unit gives one the lifestyle that only home owners can enjoy, along with the satisfaction of knowing that the owner can count on having a home to return to no matter what happens from now on.

After much research and deliberation, after weeks of planning and negotiations, the lease is finally sealed. The new condo unit owner has packed his appliances, furniture, and personalstuff. What else does he need to bring with him when moving into his new condo? We’ve compiled the most important ones.

Window and floor covering

Most condo units are designed to have excellent windows to let in natural light. Unless the condo is very high up, this usually means that it’s very easy for random passersby and onlookers to peer into your home from the outside. Good window covering will provide privacy and security. For the floor, rugs and mats will help keep it clean and spotless.

Locks, keys, and safes

For added security, first time condo buyers can look into obtaining new locks and keys for doors and windows. Padlocks, with new keys, will go a long way against potential break-ins, while safes will ensure that valuable possessions remain inaccessible to anyone but their owners.

Plugs, adaptors, and extension cords

Though easy to overlook and forget, extension cords and adaptors are almost a necessity in today’s digital and electronic world. Having enough before a move will save condo owners a lot of frustration in the future.

Adequate cleaning equipment and supplies

Unglamorous as it might be to think about, some of the most important things to have in a new condo are sponges, cloth rags, brooms and mops. It pays to have adequate supplies like all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, detergents, and deodorizers for keeping a condo unit clean and hospitable.

First aid supplies

One can never be too careful when it comes to health and safety. For precautionary measures against illnesses or minor accidents, a condo owner should always have an ample supply of medicines like paracetamol and ibuprofen, as well as bandages and antiseptic to treat cuts and wounds.

Home insurance

Lastly, as wonderful as it would be to have every detail of a new home under control, there is very little one can do against natural calamities or even accidents. Fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes are terrible, indiscriminate, and unpredictable. It is prudent that condo owners stay protected against such catastrophes, or else risk the danger of losing all their personal belongings in a single unfortunate incident.

Most real estate agents can fix their clients with basic condo insurance that provides coverage for personal belongings, which include cash, jewelry, furniture, and appliances. Not only that, it should also cover improvements to the interior of the condo unit, as well as legal liability for incidents involving injury or damage to visitors. The coverage will also provide assistance if a condo is deemed to be damaged or unlivable. — Bjorn Biel M. Beltran