Motif Studio aims to make design services more affordable

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By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino
Special Features Writer

MUNDO Design and Build expanded its business to include design services, which it says will be affordable to more Filipinos.

Motif Studio provides design services for hospitality, commercial and residential segments, allowing it to meet the needs of diverse and demanding clientele in terms of customized and specific solutions and design elements.

In particular, Motif Studio offers architectural design, interior design and space planning, engineering and building services, green design and sustainability, garden and landscape design, lighting design, wall art or graphics styling, tidying specialists, and interior staging.

“Mundo is a design and build company. So this one is purely design,” MJ Diego Ringor, chief executive officer and president of Mundo Design and Build, said referring to Motif Studio. “So we can collaborate with other contractors. That’s the reason why we separated design.”

Kaye Castillo, vice-president of Mundo Design and Build, said the establishment of the new design firm is a business strategy.

“It’s a business decision. Because [there are] some projects [that] they will get a designer, but they won’t get you as a contractor. So at least, there’s an opportunity for us. Iba kasi ‘yung market ng design (The market of design is really different.),” Ms. Castillo explained.

Motif Studio aspires to create unparalleled yet functional spaces for commercial, retail, hospitality and residential. Rather than being an absolute authority on design, Mr. Ringor hopes the studio will be more of a creative collaborator with clients.

Part of the firm’s commitment is to offer design services at various price points — from low, mid, to high. In this case, more Filipinos can enjoy the many benefits of professional design, said Mr. Ringor.

“With design only, we can serve kahit (even) the smallest space. Then, of course, we want to put value in the design,” he added.

One notable project under Motif Studio’s portfolio is Hectare Two, the second office space of celebrity entrepreneurs Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, located along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City. The firm also designed the duo’s new deli situated in the ground floor of UPRC III building — the Chingolo.

The collaboration with Mr. Heussaff and Mr. Bolzico is typical of the kind of collaboration Motif Studio aims for with all its clients.

“We’re not only creating spaces for them, we also build relationships. That’s the most important thing,” Mr. Ringor said.

Motif Studio is composed of interior designers and architects with a common insight to offer expansive bespoke interior and architectural design services. Its designers have different styles, ranging from classic to modern.

Aside from addressing the specific design needs of its clients and being committed to sustainability, Motif Studio has the capability of working with clients that have highly technical specifications, including those that involve building certification requirements such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

“We can work with very technical clients with very high demands. Not only in terms of ‘Instagrammable’ matters, but also in terms of real performance metrics,” Leo Dioneda, one of Motif Studio’s designers, said.

In the coming years, Ms. Castillo is optimistic that Motif Studio will perform well. “A lot of retail, a lot of offices are revamping their brand. So there’s market for us,” she said.