PHL govt's 'friendly attitude' lures Indonesian crypto startup

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
Pundi X aims to deploy its blockchain-powered products Pundi XPOS to the country as part of its global expansion plan.

Heading towards a ‘cash-light’—not cashless—society

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
The Philippines may have to cross a long road yet before becoming a totally “cashless society.”

Student loan platform InvestEd just got a $100,000 grant to expand

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
The startup ran by a 24-year-old matches borrowers with lenders who want to invest in their education.

Coming soon to your favorite casino: cryptocurrencies

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
Chips turning into Bitcoin is NOT an impossibility.

How global trends are shaping fintech

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
Blockchain, a rather controversial buzzword thanks to its role in virtual currencies, is seen to disrupt the business landscape—even the financial technology industry. inks deal with Beep amid Bitcoin uncertainties

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
Startups are pushing through with initiatives that involve the new form of currency.

Is Facebook’s Marketplace a threat to local e‑commerce players?

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
The introduction of Facebook’s Marketplace feature in the Philippines is seen to cause a tit‑for‑tat dispute in the digital arena of commercial dealings. But the Philippine e‑commerce industry takes it as a “positive development.”

After the Calata issue, what’ll happen to startups eyeing an ICO?

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
SparkUp asked other startups eyeing their own ICOs if the issue will change their plans.

The basics on Bitcoin for y’all who are clueless

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
Don’t fear the latest buzzword. We’ll walk you through it.

From a venture capitalist: Tips on convincing investors

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
Want VCs to invest in your company? Take it from Michael Lints, a former startup owner and current partner at a venture capital firm.

Fintech startup Qwikwire aims to raise $9 M from ‘initial coin offering’ in 2018

Robert A. Vergara Jr.
It’s pretty much like IPO, but here no share in the company is sold, only “crypto‑tokens” in exchange of other cryptocurrencies.

All about the abundance mindset

Clarissa Seriña‑de la Paz
& Sharon W. Que
Feeling and being abundant is a discipline and a lifestyle.
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