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Toyota welcomes you back with Bactaklenz

THE MUCH-ABUSED term “new normal” covers all manner of adjustments and changes to our previous lifestyle that now seems so distant. Far from being a catchy, well, catchall, “new normal” is also used to describe protocols that are, quite simply, unprecedented for any generation living through these strange times.

Going out of the house? Don’t forget your face mask, face shield, disposable gloves, and, yes, a bottle of sanitizer or 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. And when you get back home, remember to sanitize everything you brought out. Leave them by the front door (don’t wear your shoes indoors), wash your hands, shower thoroughly, etc.

It can get downright tedious, to be sure, but the alternative courts infection and maybe worse.

If you’re lucky to have a vehicle, the responsibility of sanitization and disinfection extends to your transportation. Cognizant of this, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) is conscientiously doing its part to protect its customers and people through an appropriately called “Welcome Back” promo for its after-sales service customers.

This involves the use of its proprietary Toyota Bactaklenz, “an anti-bacterial treatment proven to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, molds, and fungi inside the vehicle which can cause allergy and other health concerns. Based on medical research and studies, sage oil, which is one of its active ingredients, is found to be effective in reducing the spread of common colds and influenza,” according to a TMP release. The product is also said to eliminate cabin odor and foul smell.


The company says that bacteria and fungi “will start to breed in condensing ducts when the air-conditioner is switched off,” and over time, these might grow to “hazardous levels.” While you consider that, TMP also reports that “when a person sneezes or coughs, bacteria droplets are drawn into the air-conditioner through the intake and reticulated out through the vents which will potentially spread the virus to a secondary person.” Of course, normal cleaning activities cannot hope to address this.

Talk Box reached out to TMP First Vice-President for Customer Service Operations Rainnier Gregorio, who asked our Bactaklenz questions via e-mail. To start off, he said that the product “received technical approval from Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, and is safe to use inside the vehicle.” The treatment is applied using a misting system.

TALK BOX: Do I have to wait for it to dry? Is it not dangerous to inhale? How about for pets? Does it leave a scent?

RAINNIER GREGORIO: Based on the treatment process, the purging/misting of the solution will only take 30 seconds. However, we need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the mist to subside before we turn over to the customer. Though it is safe, based on SOP no one should be sitting inside the vehicle during treatment. After the treatment, it will leave a slight pine scent and no unpleasant or foul odor. Its effectiveness can last up to three months.

When is my vehicle misted — upon arrival or prior to turnover, or both?

It is recommended to perform the misting during the delivery process (prior to turnover).

Are there plans to roll out the technology to all TMP dealerships?

This service is already available in dealerships. If a dealership doesn’t have Bactaklenz, they have existing contracts with other antibacterial brands/suppliers. These vary from dealer to dealer.

Toyota owners are entitled to a free Toyota Bactaklenz Vehicle Interior Sanitation Treatment when they avail of any or a combination of the following services at participating Toyota dealer outlets during the promo period: periodic maintenance, general service, and body and paint.

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