MiCab partners with Japanese firm for in-cab advertising

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Taxi-hailing application MiCab announced it is partnering with Japanese advertising firm Hallohallo Business Inc. to launch MiAds, or mobile internet advertising, which it said will generate profit for the company.

Assuring customers it will not implement surge pricing and booking charge, MiCab said the advertising services, aside from taxi subscription fees, will keep their business sustainable.

“Passengers can hail taxis through MiCab app, where they can enjoy zero booking fees and absolutely no surge pricing, as these will be shouldered by the revenue earned from MiAds,” MiCab said in a statement Tuesday, May 8.

The joint venture is expected to up MiCab’s base of partner taxis to 15,000 across the six cities where it operates. Through MiAds, Android tablets will be placed on taxi units and will flash 15-second advertisements to up to 80 passengers per taxi in a day. — Denise A. Valdez