Mexican artist Jose Luis Cuevas, 83

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MEXICO CITY — Mexican artist Jose Luis Cuevas, a leader of a movement that broke with the nationalist muralists of the 1920s and ’30s, died Monday aged 83, the government said.

On Twitter, President Enrique Pena Nieto said Cuevas would be forever remembered as “synonymous with freedom, creation and universality.”

In both painting and sculpture, Cuevas rebelled against the muralists who came to prominence after the Mexican Revolution, such as Diego Rivera, who in their work stressed Mexico’s workers, indigenous people and farmers.

Cuevas was a leader of the so-called Breakaway Generation.

His first solo exhibit was in 1959 in Buenos Aires, where he became good friends with the novelist Jose Luis Borges.

The next year he had a solo show in New York and won enthusiastic praise from The New York Times.

At a home there is a museum named after Cuevas and in France he was honored in 1991 by being named to the Order of Arts and Letters. — AFP