Meralco Recognized for Green Advocacy Efforts

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Meralco was recently awarded with the Green Future Leadership Award during the 13th
Employer Branding Awards of the Employer Branding Institute. The said award lauds Meralco’s contributions to sustainable growth, and impactful projects through a “making a difference” (MAD) approach to its work. The distribution utility was recognized for being the forerunner in integrating end-use Solar PV system when it connected the 1st Net Metering installation in the country in 2013. To date, it currently leads in Net Metering Installations nationwide, contributing close to 80% of total installations located in its franchise area. Meralco embraces more Renewables into its network and has contracted the first Renewable Energy power supply agreement outside the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) policy mechanism. Receiving the award on behalf of Meralco is Ms. Anna Maria A. Reodica, Head of Meralco’s Renewables Program Management Office (in photo). “Meralco would like to recognize our customers who are the reason for our being. May this award further push us to continue contributing towards the creation of a path to a sustainable and green energy future for our customers and the public.” Reodica said.