Maynilad to replace old pipes to cut water losses

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Maynilad Water Services, Inc. serves certain portions of the cities of Manila, Quezon and Makati, among others. — MAYNILAD WATER SERVICES, INC.

Maynilad Water Services, Inc. will be replacing up to 290 kilometers of old and leaky pipes this year as it upgrades the distribution system under its concession area to cut water losses.

“We still need to invest in our Non-Revenue Water Reduction Program so we can bring down water losses to the optimal level of 20% by 2027,” said Maynilad President and Chief Executive Officer Ramoncito S. Fernandez in a statement.

Once completed, the program will bring the total length of pipes replaced within the west zone concession area to 2,285 kilometers or 56% of the distribution system that the company inherited 11 years ago after the 2007 re-privatization. — Victor V. Saulon