BRITISH-FILIPINO MODEL Georgina Wilson faces a new milestone as she becomes makeup brand Maybelline’s newest endorser in the Philippines.

Maybelline debuts ‘Make it Happen’ campaign with Georgina Wilson

The deal was inked last September, when Maybelline’s offices in New York gathered press and models from all over the world to cover New York Fashion Week. “We brought Georgina; she represented not only the brand, but the whole country,” said Cary Co, marketing manager of Maybelline New York — Philippines.

Ms. Wilson’s advertisements, which will be shown in the Philippines, were also shot in New York. The campaign was launched at Whitespace in Makati earlier this month.

The choice of Ms. Wilson comes on the heels of Maybelline’s new marketing campaign, “Make It Happen”, changing from its old standby, “Maybe She’s Born With It; Maybe It’s Maybelline.”

“Now, it’s about making it happen… let’s face it, not all people are born with ‘it’… but we cannot just settle,” said Ms. Co.

Regarding Ms. Wilson, the marketing manager said: “Similar to our global endorsers,” which would include top model Gigi Hadid, “Georgina is very similar in terms of their story, their style, and their energy.”

“Of course, Georgina, as we know — she never settles for anything less.”

“If you would see my house right now, I could sell Maybelline products,” said Ms. Wilson, discussing her use of them. She also recalls that one of the first beauty products she ever used was Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Aqua Gel foundation, and added, “Every makeup artist in the world carries a Maybelline mascara, so that’s like, a staple.”

The company, founded in 1915, achieved fame within the decade for its mascara and was acquired by L’Oreal in the 1990s.

Ms. Wilson said that she does not have a regular beauty routine; she arrives at the office (she is one of the people behind sunglasses brand Sunnies Studio, also known as Sunnies by Charlie) with her “hair wet and like, zero makeup.”

As a model, though, she rushes from one point to another and carries around lipstick, mascara, and eyebrow makeup.

As for women who are insecure about using makeup, Ms. Wilson said: “Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, and it shouldn’t be covering stuff. So if you’re using it to… hide your insecurities, then you’re never going to feel comfortable with it.

“Ditch the fear, and just have fun with it.”

Alluding to Maybelline’s old campaign and the idea that Ms. Wilson was “born with it”, she said, “It’s Maybelline — you did not see me before I entered here.”

“I kind of like… our campaign… a bit more, because it’s more empowering, and it’s a lot more than just… makeup.”

“Everybody’s born with it too,” she said. — Joseph L. Garcia