Martin sticks to Solaire

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MARTIN NIEVERA has renewed his stint as Solaire’s celebrity endorser. — SOLAIRE

SINGER Martin Nievera is continuing as Solaire Resort and Casino’s celebrity endorser for two more years after a “great last two years” according to a property executive.

“What we’re planning to do this year is spending a little bit more time with some of our VIP guests. That seems to be the most fun [event]… we had some great feedback from the guests,” Cyrus Sherafat, executive vice-president for casino marketing at Solaire, told the media during a press conference on July 17.

Mr. Nievera, dubbed as the country’s “Concert King,” has been in the music industry for over 35 years. He first signed off as the integrated casino resort’s endorser in the latter half of 2017 and hosted eight VIP dinners since that time.

“[The VIP clients] love spending time with him,” Mr. Sherafat said.

Mr. Nievera also said that he loves doing those dinners and was surprised that many of the property’s VIPs were Filipinos.

“I sing when they want me to sing. Just hand me the mic. And they love hearing gossip about other artists [and those are] the best conversations we had,” Mr. Nievera said.

“You’ll be surprised how much they love to gossip, I only hope that I have all the answers. What’s fun [about] these VIP dinners’ is being able to share their concerns and some of them even have critiques that I throw [the management’s] way.

Two years ago, Mr. Sherafat said they wanted Mr. Nievera as their endorser because “he’s a very funny guy and he likes to entertain people and engage with guests.”

Looking back to when he started endorsing Solaire, Mr. Nievera admitted that at first, he had reservations about having his name being attached to a casino-resort.

“I don’t gamble, drink or smoke… [but] what I love is being part of the history of Solaire [that] people from all over the world come here and this place is built on dreams,” he explained.

During his first two years in Solaire, Mr. Nievera added his own burger recipe to the property’s menu and has a Baccarat table with his face on it.

Now, he said that he wants to take a shot at being a wedding singer in Solaire.

“Outside of Solaire, I do a lot of weddings and I want to be the wedding singer of Solaire, either as a surprise performance or as part of the deal,” he said.

He is also thinking about writing songs for Solaire so the property has its own soundtrack for any and all events. He previously wrote, “Follow the Sun” together with the CompanY’s Moy Ortiz which is Solaire’s current theme song. — ZBC