Marcial determined not to let time spent in boxing go to waste

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TOKYO Olympics-bound Filipino boxer Eumir Felix Marcial (Philippine Sports Commission)

HAVING INVESTED much time and effort doing the sport of boxing, Filipino amateur boxer Eumir Felix Marcial said he is determined for these not to go to waste, including doing well in the Olympic Games and establishing a steady professional career after.

Speaking to Tiebreaker Vods’ The Hit List on Sunday, Mr. Marcial, 24, shared that where he is right now in boxing is a direct result of a lot of sacrifices and hard work on his part, and something he intends to continue building on moving forward.

“My journey in boxing has not been easy, having to juggle training and studies at one point. As much as I wanted to, I never really experienced what other teens experienced like going to the fields and playing and going to the river to swim because I had training,” said the Zamboanga native in Filipino.

“My father was strict when it came to training and he was really pushing me hard. But it was all worth it because I am here right now,” he added.

Mr. Marcial is having it solid in the past year, booking a spot in the Tokyo Olympic Games, which unfortunately was pushed back to next year because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

He also has seen his boxing stock rise considerably with many professional promoters looking to sign him to lucrative deals.

But despite the attention he has been getting from pro boxing promoters, Mr. Marcial made it known that representing the country in the Olympics is foremost in his mind, and went on to say that even if he eventually becomes a professional he is willing to continue competing for flag and country.

“Olympics is my dream and I’m really working hard to do well there. And even if I turn pro I still want to compete for the country in events like the Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, World Championships and Olympics. I have been with the national team for a long time now and I know the feeling of representing the country and I want to continue experiencing that,” he said.

“Which is why I ask those who are interested to get my services as a pro to allow me to continue representing the country,” he added.

Right now, International Boxing Association (AIBA) rules allow pros to compete in events it sanctions like the Olympics.

While he has yet to officially name the promoter he is signing with, Mr. Marcial said he had a chance to talk with Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and his MP Promotions, and liked what he heard.

“Senator Manny is also a Filipino and he knows what boxers like me go through. He really wants to help fighters get out of poverty,” he said.

He further said other promotions from abroad have reached out to him as well and they are currently evaluating their offers.

In the event he does turn pro, the middleweight fighter said one of his dream fights is against Canelo Alvarez but admits at this point it would be a long shot since he has yet to start his professional journey.

Mr. Marcial, however, is watching the Mexican’s fights and said he is learning a lot from them.

Apart from Mr. Marcial, another Filipino boxer who has qualified for the Tokyo Games to date is female flyweight fighter Irish Magno. — Michael Angelo S. Murillo