The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) said it will launch an “anti-colorum drive” against unregistered transportation network vehicle services (TNVS) next month.
“[E]ffective 01 September 2018, the LTFRB shall commence an intensive anti-colorum drive versus TNVS operating without authority from the Board,” the LTFRB said in a statement on Thursday.
It also said it will start accepting applications for Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) from TNVS not included in their “master list” on Aug. 24, as it currently entertains only the vehicles identified in the list.
“Starting 24 August 2018, the Board will accept the online registration of TNVS applications for new CPC not included in the “master list” by accessing the LTFRB website, subject to guidelines to be promulgated by the Board,” it said.
The government’s master list was formed last year as a collection of active drivers from Uber Philippines and Grab Philippines (MyTaxi.PH, Inc.), the two existing ride-hailing companies at that time.
The LTFRB noted that the TNVS in the master list will only be entertained until Aug. 31. It said it had received only 21, 878 TNVS applications for new a CPC since the applications was opened on March 5.
“Despite the call for application, the Board has taken note of the fact that there have been fewer applications for new CPCs for the primary reason TNVS owners have been unable or unwilling to file applications,” the LTFRB said.
A CPC is required by the LTFRB for persons who wish to operate a TNVS. — Denise A. Valdez