WITH HALF your face covered and with crisis in the air, how can you think of makeovers at a time like this? A life coach and makeup artist has the answer.

In an e-mail interview with BusinessWorld, Ning Barcelo Tadena said, “In one of my coaching specializations, we learned that our physiology affects our psychology, and our psychology affects our physiology. Simply put, our acting affects our thinking and vice versa. If we dress drab, we’ll probably feel drab about ourselves. If our hair is disheveled when we look at ourselves, we’ll probably feel disheveled, as well. When we enhance the way we look, we inadvertently enhance the way we feel.” It’s mens sana in corpore sano (the Latin phrase meaning “a sound mind in a sound body”) in action.

Ms. Tadena offers beauty and lifestyle workshops — for free — through the Unlock the Diva Community group on Facebook. Ostensibly just lessons on doing your makeup at home, the sessions (which started in August and will go on until October) also offer self-love and self-care affirmations. A release says, “The aim is to achieve a body, heart and mindset make-over and the ultimate goal is to spread more LOVE (capitalization theirs) during this time that we need it the most.” The third session, for example, covers eyebrows, and the affirmation “I am caring!” Other sessions would cover eyes, hair, lips, among others — with accompanying affirmations such as “being enough,” “being caring,” and “being grateful.”

“I feel it’s also relevant to learn more practical skills in makeup because there are more online meetings done, and masks are not worn there. Women might be buying products that are not suitable for them and they don’t know how to use them. My aim is simply to give them practical tips and teach them how to apply [makeup] easily and do it with a healthy heart and mindset,” said Ms. Tadena.

An author of two inspirational books (Unlock the Diva — A Life Guide to Unlocking Your Purpose and the Diva Prayer Book — Prayers for the Modern Woman), Ms. Tadena explained the reasons behind starting the workshops, as well as doing them for free. “Before the pandemic, I led a very active lifestyle. I would do back-to-back talks; travel to different places to do workshops, trainings, and book signings. But since I can’t do all that face-to-face anymore, I asked myself this question that has guided me since the beginning of the lockdown last year: ‘what can I do, with what I have and where I am now?’

“From there I have grown in connecting through online events, trainings and talks,” she said. “Some are paid, some are free — the question that guides in answering that is ‘what serves the highest good?’.” Free talks, according to her, “reach and bless more,” while paid engagements are for those “who would like to commit themselves to growing deeper and learning more.”

“I am a professional makeup artist and a life coach. My mission for several years now has been to bring out beauty in people from the inside and out.”

On that note, Ms. Tadena gave tips on feeling and looking beautiful while wearing a mask. “I got that specific question from one of the participants of the Diva Make-Over Challenge regarding masks. So, I told her that it will just be great to bring out her eyes more since her nose and her mouth are covered — no need for lipstick and foundation.”

To join the sessions, enter the Unlock the Diva Community Facebook group at Registration is free. — JL Garcia