Leading the charge towards decarbonization

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There is an ongoing revolution in the global energy industry. Countries like Germany, Chile, India, and even China are weaning themselves off conventional fuels like oil and coal and are switching to renewable energy sources.

Worldwide, massive efforts are being made to relieve the environmental pressures brought about by the world’s reliance on conventional fossil fuels and to find an affordable, sustainable alternative. The United Nations, in its Sustainable Development Goals, highlighted the demand for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy by 2030.
In the Philippines, Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is leading the way toward that goal.

“We in EDC, took these disruptions as an opportunity to keep on creating a positive impact in the local and global society as we generate clean, renewable, and reliable power that is cost-competitive. We are bullish in steering the country toward a cleaner and more sustainable future with the shift to renewable energy – such as geothermal,” EDC said in an interview.
EDC is currently the world’s largest vertically-integrated geothermal developer and the country’s premier renewable energy company , delivering 1,457.8 megawatts of clean and renewable energy to the country. Wind, solar, and hydroelectric power are also part of EDC’s portfolio.

“As the global demand for energy continues to change, we also keep up through expansion and technological advancements. We aim to continue to take the necessary steps to increase efficiency and reliability as we build resilience in our assets and develop agility in our people and processes,” the company said.

Having successfully harnessed geothermal energy for over 40 years, EDC possesses the experience necessary to pave the way toward the country being recognized as a leader in renewable energy. In its long history, EDC has managed to keep up with the transforming needs of the industry through the ups and downs of disruption, committing to its mission of ensuring a clean and green environment for Filipinos, as well as adopting concrete steps to ensure sustainability in the long run.

“This age of disruption dictates that we need clean, renewable, reliable, baseload energy that is cost competitive to power our growing economy without contributing to climate change. Geothermal energy is the only source of power that has all that. Geo 24/7 is the holy grail of RE–it is low-carbon, flexible, renewable, and it can supply baseload power 24/7. Geo 24/7 is EDC’s solution to climate change amidst all the disruption,” the company said.

As the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal producer, EDC has the drive and capability to steer the country toward sustainability and decarbonization. In addition to providing clean, renewable geothermal energy to the Philippines, the company continues to blaze the trail in environmental preservation with its BINHI greening legacy program, a species conservation initiative that focuses on rescuing and propagating premium endangered native tree species.

Under BINHI, EDC built two Vegetative Material Reproduction (VMR) nurseries to propagate 96 premium endangered native tree seedlings. As the seedlings are carefully grown in the VMR nurseries, they will be kept safe and secure from external factors. The seeds planted in the nursery will then be used to grow mother trees to ensure the survival of high-value and fast-dwindling native trees.

“For over 40 years, we have applied our expertise not only in providing clean and reliable geothermal energy in the country, but also in protecting the environment. We continue to build on this legacy, with the hopes of achieving a clean, coal-free, and sustainable future,” EDC said.
The world is undergoing a period of rapid change. More than ever, stewardship of the world’s natural resources and the well-being of the environment necessitates the swift action of leaders in every industry.

“As part of the Lopez Group of Companies, we have made a commitment to not invest in coal because we want to be a part of the country’s solution to climate change through the way we do business. We believe that we have a very pivotal role in protecting our planet from the disastrous effects of carbon emissions to ensure a sustainable future for our children. We are committed to maintaining our foothold in geothermal energy production as we remain laser-focused in our use of technology to improve our efficiency and lower the cost of generating renewable and reliable energy for the benefit of our customers,” EDC said.

“It is our ultimate goal to provide accessible and cost-competitive geothermal energy for all Filipinos. We likewise hope to inspire others to take a step towards a sustainable development, so, collectively, we can find solutions to our most pressing climate and environmental issues.”