Labor group to seek P100 wage increase across the board

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A LABOR group on Monday said it would seek a P100 wage increase across the board next week amid a coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Defend Jobs Philippines said it would file the “emergency wage relief” petition at the National Wages Productivity Commission (NWPC) on February 22 as basic prices continue to rise.

The Labor department earlier said a wage hike could be bad for businesses also reeling from the pandemic.

Defend Jobs spokesman Lloyd Magsoy said the wage increase would help millions of workers affected by the health crisis.

“Saving us means that the Duterte government’s economic managers, especially the Labor department, must implement a P100 wage hike across the country; generate more jobs; provide enough aid for all; subsidize micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs); and control the prices in our local market,” he said in the statement. — GMC