ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) learning platform CYPHER Learning has raised pass rates on certification exams for students at the Health Information Management Training Institute (HIMTI), HIMTI said.

HIMTI students in some courses returned up to a 100% pass rate, the institute’s co-founder, president, and chief medical and training officer Carlos Ongaco said in a statement.

In 2023, HIMTI trained more than 1,700 students with a 90% success rate for live virtual courses, 84% for online self-paced courses, and 100% for corporate training.

According to the statement, HIMTI posted a 90% pass rate on the medical coding credentialing exam, well above the 46% global industry average.

HIMTI created courses compliant with certification standards set by the American Health Information Management Association and The American Academy of Professional Coders.

“Our AI 360 offering is instrumental in empowering institutions like HIMTI to deliver courses that not only meet but exceed industry standards,” CYPHER Founder and Chief Executive Officer Graham Glass said.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot enables businesses and schools to create timely, relevant, and engaging courses in less than 20 minutes.

According to CYPHER Learning Solutions Architect Judith Daguman, the platform services around 300,000 businesses and schools in the Philippines.

One of its major clients is STI College, which uses the learning platform on all campuses.

In the Visayas, it is used by the University of the Visayas and the University of Cebu.

CYPHER Learning was first launched in 2016 in the Philippines. — Aubrey Rose A. Inosante