Education technology platform announced on Monday that it will be teaming up with cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) to upskill Filipinos seeking employment in cloud-related jobs through the AWS re/Start program.  

“For this year alone, we want to make sure there’s at least 700 skilled Filipino talents who have the knowledge already of technology and cloud so that they’ll be ready to be employed,” chief executive officer Grace David said at a virtual briefing.  

“We have a big, hairy, audacious goal where we want close to 3,000 talents [to be] not just skilled, but also employed by 2024,” she added.  

AWS, which is the subsidiary of the multinational technology company Amazon, has already delivered the re/Start program in 38 countries, where over 90% of graduates have found job interview opportunities. 

The free, full-time, 12-week program started rolling out in the Philippines this March, with about 617 applications received for the first batch, according to Ms. David.  

“Our plan is all about recruiting the right learners, training them, leading them to employment, and sustaining this long-term,” she said.  

The re/Start program covers fundamental AWS cloud skills through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework, as well as practical career skills like interviewing and resume writing. The sessions run virtually and are led by an expert instructor with a mix of both live classes and supplemental on-demand videos.   

Emmanuel Pillai, head of training and certification at AWS in ASEAN, explained that the skills provided should help one launch an entry-level technology career.  

“This is not purely just technical training but also ensuring that these individuals have employability in the marketplace. We also want to connect our graduates with potential employers in the Philippines,” he said.   

The qualifications needed to be a re/Start program student are: 

  • Finished up to junior or senior high school (11th to 12th grade)
  • Unemployed or underemployed for a significant period of time
  • Enthusiasm for cloud career
  • Basic literacy and numeracy
  • Able to reliably participate for the duration of the program full-time (12 weeks)
  • Ready to start a full-time job after program completion

Those in underserved communities are also prioritized. These includes “women, single mothers, women returning to the workforce, LGBTQ+, displaced overseas Filipino workers, people with disabilities, and indigenous peoples,” according to  

After completing the program, graduates will then be given employment opportunities by eCloudvalley (ECV), an AWS partner and one’s hiring partners. 

“The AWS re/Start Program is a tremendous effort to hone local cloud talents and spread cloud fluency that will sustain the demands of using cloud in the years to come. Training and continuous learning have always been integrated in ECV’s DNA,” said Jonathan Que, regional manager of ECV.  

“We heavily invest in our team’s learning and development, not only to better support our customers, but to help each member with the next steps of their career,” he added. will also conduct virtual career fairs that will enable more potential employers to meet the graduates and facilitate networking.   

Interested applicants can submit their application at — Bronte H. Lacsamana