Jollibee blends Mother’s Day and Graduation Day

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Nanette Franco-Diyco

CREATIVE AGENCY MCCANN Worldgroup calls it its Jollibee brand love series, referring to its Kwentong Jollibee vignettes inspired by real-life stories of Jollibee patrons.

Jollibee blends Mother’s Day and Graduation Day

I saluted Jollibee and McCann back in February for two of the three stories in their Valentine series. But I specifically remained quiet, not praising the third material, where the commercial literally dragged in the death of the father. I thought the creativity and the cleverness of the two other commercials evaporated into an overly blue somber teleserye in the third Valentine ad.

Then, three months later came what I can only call a glorious resurrection with a 2-1/2 minuter entitled “Parangal” (Tribute), done for Mother’s Day and cleverly embracing even the equally special thrill of graduation.

I can’t tell whether McCann had planned from the outset to do a sequel to the Valentine commercials, but it was, to say the least, a nice redeeming surprise.

The digital ad opens with a no-nonsense play up of graduation ceremonies in a school auditorium where the stage sports with a humongous sign, “21st Commencement Exercises.” Then and there, you’re glued to the set, curious as to how different would be his experience to your own graduation.

A young graduate has been singled out after receiving his academic awards, applauded on stage by his professors and mentors as he walks toward the podium. He delivers his graduation speech well, with a great deal of sincerity, as if his focus was only on one part of the large audience composed of his fellow graduates and their respective guests.

Jollibee blends Mother’s Day and Graduation Day

The core of his speech dealt with a heartfelt thank you to his mother. Director Pepe Diokno allows a poignant flashback as the son recalls his mother’s many sacrifices to see him through school. This is where the scriptwriter’s timely insertion of the Valentine Jollibee date with his mom after his father’s hospital video makes good sense.

McCann account manager Tonee Lacson explained, “In ‘Parangal,’ we pick up the story five years after the young boy stood in as his mother’s Valentine date. Now a proud valedictorian standing in front of his class and their families, the son shifts the honor and tribute to his mother who fulfilled her promise that she would do everything she could, and even [went] beyond what she could, to raise him in the best possible way.”

The visual treatment of the flashback does not distract the viewer from listening to the son’s speech. That itself is a dual accomplishment of the material’s director and editor.

The speech, delivered in the vernacular, came straight from a grateful heart. (That scriptwriter should take a bow.) The son goes down the stage and goes directly to where his mother is seated, kneels before her and embraces her, slowly placing his medal around her neck. The delivery of the speech is flawless, filled with emotion, as he holds back his tears.

Good talent casting of both mother and son. Credible acting here, never overacting.

Jollibee blends Mother’s Day and Graduation Day

The commercial ends with a dedication, identifiable now with Kwentong Jollibee.

“For all mothers who are willing to do everything for their children. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Advertising worthy of praise with great Filipino values: congratulations to Jollibee and McCann!

Credits. Client-company, Jollibee Corp. Francis Flores, global chief marketing officer; Arline Adeva, brand communications and PR director; Cat Trivino, brand engagement and PR manager. Advertising agency, McCann Worldgroup. Raul Castro, chairman and CEO; Mitzie Nacianceno, associate managing partner; Adi Culalic, business group director; Tonee Lacson, account manager; Sid Sampdio, executive creative director; Xzenia Cruz, creative director. Production: Pepe Diokno, director; Mariel Cruz, producer; Jenny Gapiz, executive producer. Production house, Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Sound production, LoudBox.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.