Johnnie Walker keeps on walking

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Johnnie Walker keeps on walking

Following its successful “Keep Walking” campaign last year, Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker has launched the second phase of what will be a long-standing campaign for the Philippines.

Johnnie Walker keeps on walking

“The first part of the campaign [was about] telling inspirational stories,” said Cesar Gangoso, marketing manager of Diageo Philippines, Inc., official distributor of Johnnie Walker in the country.

The brand previously produced short films about the triumphs and struggles of people such as prominent Filipino film director Brillante Mendoza and photographer Xyza Bacani. Now the brand is focusing on letting people tell their own stories.

Called the “Keep Walking 21 Day Challenge,” people are encouraged to post 21 photos of themselves on their social media accounts starting from making a pledge on day one about reaching “their biggest ambition,” according to Mr. Gangoso. The succeeding days will be about “the small steps taken to progress towards that ambition.”

“It’s not really very scientific but 21 days… is a good enough number: it’s not too long, it’s also not too short. It’s enough to start building a habit,” he explained.

The social media campaign will run during the first quarter of 2017, a period the brand figured where many people would be working on New Year resolutions.

Mr. Gangoso mentioned that he thinks the campaign will be present in the country for “at least 10 years.” It is not exclusive to the Philippines though, as the campaign has been in existence for 16 years though it has been brought to different territories in different years.

The campaign entered the country in 2016, a period when “the luxury industry in the Philippines Is growing” and that “it has become a big priority for us to invest in the Philippines.”

“The intent [of the campaign] was for [the brand] to have a closer affinity to Filipinos,” Mr. Gangoso explained, adding that people usually think the brand is only for the affluent.

“With the ‘Keep Walking’ campaign, they saw every day people — from all walks of life — progressing,” he said.

He mentioned that they initially thought that being in touch with everyday people might alienate the luxury market but he said that the later  market also increased.

“The stories helped them see Johnnie Walker in a different light,” he added.

For more information about the ‘Keep Walking’ Philippines campaign and the 21 Day Challenge, visit Johnnie Walker Philippines’ Facebook page. — Zsarlene B. Chua