THE JAPANESE government has reiterated its support for Davao City’s waste management program as the Davao Japanese community celebrates its 100th anniversary. Mayor Kenji Kitahashi of Kitakyushu City, which has a sister city agreement with Davao, said they want to see Davao become a model in waste management. “Our ultimate aim is to see Davao succeed in resolving all of these problems so that Davao City becomes the model not only for the Philippines but for the entire Southeast Asian region,” Mr. Kitahashi said during the opening of the Davao Japanese Community 100 Years Anniversary Expo, Friday. Kitakyushu will provide technical support for a waste-to-energy (WTE) facility in Davao, with construction expected to start before the end of the year. The Davao City government has already acquired a 10-hectare lot in the southwestern part of the city for the facility. — Maya M. Padillo