Inauguration Day made more memorable

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Nanette Franco-Diyco

THE EXTENSIVE COVERAGE of the inauguration of President Duterte in Malacañang, which segued to that of Vice-President Robredo’s at the Quezon City Reception House, by the TV networks, particularly by CNN Philippines and ANC, was laudable. One could have tuned in a few hours late but still manage to catch the full excitement of the historical event.

Inauguration Day made more memorable

Of course there was a slew of advertisements that took advantage of the full-blown coverage, projecting only too well the peak viewership among the adult males and females of the target market.

There were two TV commercials that stole the day. Mind you, they were not brand new launches — but for this special occasion, the timing was just perfect. This was Inauguration Day — Freedom Day. It was undeniable that the consistent strategic message of the president was “Change.” And somehow, the two commercials heralded change — in a thoroughly casual captivating way.

The first of these relevant TVCs was the work of creative agency WOO, leaving you with the feeling that “Life is good.” Woo executive creative director Don Sevilla described living life with zero regrets this year — his introduction to San Mig Zero’s TVC.

There is a strong healthy emotional thrust directed to those turning 40 in the commercial. The choice of car enthusiast and CNN host James Deakin as the face of San Mig Zero emphasized great wholesome fun — a healthy good life at home entertaining friends with his wife. Of course, Don was quick to point out that San Mig Zero has the fewest calories  and carbs versus other beers. Don described further that it’s treated as a regular beer but with less bitterness as a basic quality. I would add that for those who have become addicted to beer, they can still say that life is good! How’s that for a delectable push for change!

The second of my “stand-out television commercials” during the Inauguration Day TV coverage was that of Magnolia’s free range chicken, conceptualized by Publicis Jimbasic. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this 30-seconder was selling chickens that were free: we see chickens roaming around as free as ever.

And I loved its line, trumpeted to the fullest: “Freedom is good.” How can anybody beat that for relevance during our country’s special day of freedom!

The selling message in all clarity is that Magnolia chickens are healthy, devoid of antibiotics, uncaged, and able to fly and walk around the farms.

The commercial used vignettes that proved so humorous with the unheralded entry of the chicken. I couldn’t stop laughing in the scene of a man about to propose to his girl when the healthy hen jumps into and out of the love scene. And the girl asks, “Ano yan? Chicks mo?” (What’s that! One of your girls?!). The other vignette showed CNN newscasters in the middle of their spiel when one big chicken flies across the scene. Their surprise is so credible and the ensuing laughter so contagious that the audience can’t help but guffaw.

These commercials helped make the inauguration coverages memorable indeed.

Inauguration Day made more memorable

Take a bow, creative agencies WOO and Publicis JimBasic and clients San Miguel Brewery and Magnolia.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, currently teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.