If it’s too in, it might soon be out

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Milan Fashion Week Trend Watch

WHILE New York showed a goody two-shoes attitude, Milan Fashion Week, which concludes on Feb. 25, showed excess and a fighter attitude that only the Italians could pull off.

For decades, the man’s suit has been a symbol of power, and women are taking control by adopting the uniform of the Man. Armani, of course, is known for its suits, but translates it as chic pantsuits for women, opening its show with such pieces, with a cool blue streak running down the middle.

Fendi also takes a cue from the men with light brown jackets reminiscent of the tuxedo, translated as coats, with giant bows to emphasize their relation to the men’s evening outfit.

Versace, meanwhile, showed the suits as hints in the fabric, using houndstooth and tweed.

Gucci, Prada, and Versace showed an almost baroque attention to texture: think velvet, fur (or faux), lace and leather: we’re in love, for example, with a crocodile leather skirt and jacket combo at Versace, while we love the lace capes and dresses from Prada, as well as the 3D leather appliques on some outfits.

Details such as fur stoles are still in, apparently, as seen in Versace and Gucci. Sequins as a glam look are seen uniformly on all the runways, so you can shine all you want.

Utilitarian aesthetics were seen in Prada and Armani, if only in olive jumpsuits from Prada and the stark silhouettes at Armani. Versace took a tack from the street in its collection, showing a more fabulous working woman. We’ll have to point out the frou-frou richness of Moschino, however, for contrast.

We’ve mentioned the sequins, but now we’ll have to discuss the objets d’art prints on Versace and the overt consumerism present on the prints of Moschino (the outfits are printed with a pattern of money). We’re guessing that we’re moving away from the sobriety and grunge of the ’90s revival, and seeing the cycle of fashion revolving towards the overt, sometimes vulgar, glam of the 2000s.

Leopard prints, and animal prints in general; as well as bright patent leather, are ready to hit the streets.

To BusinessWorld’s eye, however, the animal print trend might die soon, since it’s all on the world’s runways; and as soon as a trend becomes too in, it’s gone. If you’re looking for an inspiration, Paris Hilton’s outfits from her glory days might be relevant again — we saw a peach sequined Versace dress that her old self might have liked to wear. If not that, the gold lame outfits from Moschino might do the trick. — Joseph L. Garcia