BACK IN THE 1950s Ideal Optical started selling eyeglass frames and watches in Quiapo, Manila. And back in the day, getting a pair of glasses made was not as simple as it is today.
“Before the 1980s, you’d buy your frame and lenses separately. You [would] go to another place for refraction test,” explained Joy Go, whose grandfather launched Ideal Optical. Ms. Go is the AVP for marketing and merchandising of Ideal Optical’s successor, Ideal Vision Center.
To avoid the hassle of hopping from one place to another to buy eyeglass frames, lenses, and schedule an optometric consultation, Dr. Mary Chan decided to provide all of these in one store called Ideal Vision Center, which opened at SM North EDSA in 1986. Today, it provides a wide range of eyewear, lenses, and optometric consultation to its customers nationwide, in those in its branches in the USA and in Guam.
Things have changed a lot from the days when people just read books to today when people are engrossed in their digital gadgets.
“[Before] you’d stay with the computer for eight hours for school or for work tapos ‘pag uwi mo, tapos na (when you’d get home, it would be over). You wouldn’t use any other gadgets — you’d read books and do other stuff,” Ms. Go told BusinessWorld at the anniversary sale’s launch at the store’s branch in Glorietta 2. The phrased “computer vision syndrome” in the 1990s to describe the effect of computers on the eye.
According to the American Optometric Association website, Computer Vision Syndrome — also referred to as Digital Eye Strain — “describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing digital screens for extended periods. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of digital screen use.”
Today, the Ideal team has come up with the term “digital vision syndrome.”
“With all the digital gadgets, all the exposure of the harmful blue rays is evident [more] now compared to before,” Ms. Go said, citing a study in the US which found that myopia (nearsightedness) in children and teens has increased by 30%.
The Ideal Vision Center addresses eye protection and vision enhancement with its blue filter lenses. “It cuts the blue rays. It only allows the good light to go in,” Ms. Go said.
In line with Ideal Vision Center’s 32nd anniversary, it is offering new products and a sale.
Frames of selected luxury, sporting, and casual brands will be priced at P32, P320, and P3,200; while those getting new lenses put will get a 32% discount until July 30.
Meanwhile, Ideal Vision Center launched a new line of eyewear for gamers — specially designed for protection to reduce eye fatigue — at last weekend’s Asia Pop Comicon (APCC).
For information on the sale and branches, visit Like and follow Ideal Vision Center on Facebook and Instagram for updates. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman