Huawei Cloud’s online summit to discuss global expansion for Internet companies

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Know the latest Internet industry insights and win a Huawei gadget from this year’s Internet Industry Summit

With mobile Internet rapidly growing in China, leading Internet companies there started seeking international expansion. Along with this, new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and 5G are seen to further converge in accelerating innovation in Internet companies and drive industry upgrades.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the world, new turning points are being created for many industries, especially in terms of technological innovation— an opportunity the Internet sector is best positioned to benefit from.

What are the latest trends in the global expansion of Internet companies? How can companies adapt fast enough to a vastly different business environment when they enter a new market? How do enterprises drive transformation and improve user experience through technological innovation?

These are some of the questions that will be explored on “Go Cloud, Go Global”, HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific’s 2020 Internet Industry Summit, which will be held live and online on June 10 at 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. (Manila time).

The online summit connects experts across the Asia Pacific region, who will discuss relevant and hot topics within the Internet industry, in particular the global expansion of Internet companies in a post-pandemic period, coupled with success stories from well-known platforms in running a global business.

Aside from the talks, the online summit will give exciting prizes to attendees who interact with the live broadcast. These prizes include one HUAWEI P40, one HUAWEI Watch GT2, and one HUAWEI Smart Scale.

The first set of discussions will focus on “Going Global In A New Era”.

Mark Chen, director of the International Business Department at HUAWEI CLOUD, will showcase how the global cloud platform can help companies expand their reach globally.

Wei Haijun, founding partner of cross-border fund Grand View Capital, will provide his perspective on the headwinds and tailwinds Internet companies will face as they seek to expand globally in a post-COVID era.

Xu Zhidong, compliance VP at Huawei Asia Pacific, will share his extensive experience in operational compliance and discuss how Internet companies can expand their business globally while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Resources and technologies will be the agenda of the second set of speakers who will share interesting stories of how their companies have successfully expanded globally with the help of HUAWEI CLOUD technologies.

Henry Yu, research and development director of SHAREit, will talk about the journey of one of the most popular mobile applications in building a global user base of 1.8 billion in five years.

Wang Xi, chief executive officer of NetEase Games, will share his company’s global journey through the launch of War Rage, now known as Conqueror’s Blade—one of the hottest PC games today.

Beluga Global’s CEO Wei Fangdan, meanwhile, will give his take on the recently-launched HUAWEI CLOUD 2020 Go Global Whitepaper for Internet Companies, which aims to serve as a guide for Internet companies that seek to expand globally.

In addition, Feng Qiyou, vice president of HUAWEI CLOUD China Region, will present further how HUAWEI CLOUD supports the global operations of Internet companies.

The last set of speakers will talk about the new ecosystem wherein the Internet industry will work in, with experts highlighting the Global Hospital Management System (HMS) Ecosystem and the launch of the Asia Pacific Internet-Telco Partnership Program, which intends to connect Internet companies and top global telecom operators.

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Learn more about the future of the Internet industry and get to win great prizes from Huawei on its “Go Cloud, Go Global” online summit this June 10 at 2:30 p.m.

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