How to pay for your online travel bookings via BPI or BDO

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Nowadays, Filipinos are becoming increasingly wiser and capable when it comes to financial matters – so much so that they may opt out of having a credit card for fear of overspending and more. Nevertheless, this might become an obstacle of some sort as using a credit card may be the only form of payment that many establishments and online vendors accept.

This is especially true when booking for flight or hotel bookings online. Some people circumvent this by borrowing a credit card from a friend or a loved one. When they can’t borrow a card, they forget about booking online and instead go to travel agencies and book the traditional way. This adds a layer of inconvenience to what could have been a quick and easy process.

With Traveloka though, this is problem is a thing of the past. When paying, you won’t need a credit card to lock down your dream adventures, because you can pay with either BDO or BPI online transfer. All you need to do is choose “Bank Transfer” as your preferred payment method, choose either BDO or BPI, and then click the “Copy” button so you can paste the correct payment details from the Traveloka App to your banking app. When you get the confirmation of the transfer, simply toggle back to the Traveloka App and click “I have completed the payment” to begin the verification process.

Once the verification is complete, Traveloka will send your voucher to the email address you provided. To speed up the verification, you can take a screenshot of the payment confirmation and upload the photo through the Traveloka App or website. For a smoother experience, remember that there’s a specified time frame given for you to complete your payment and that BDO transfers are limited to P10,000 per transaction.

For any issues or questions about your online booking, you can get in touch with Traveloka’s 24/7 local customer support. If you’re using the Traveloka App, you can readily send and receive messages without having to switch screens, with the MyInbox feature. You can also use the live chat feature, call (02) 246-9057, or send a message through email or Facebook.

With the help of a reliable travel buddy like Traveloka, you can be sure that you’ll always have #CrazyEasyTravels. Visit for more information.