When you scroll through social media, you’ll probably see a friend or two with a dog. The pandemic is a time where everyone is staying at home, so it explains why many people seek companionship through adopting or buying new dogs.

A dog has always been man’s best friend. However, it wasn’t until quarantine when many people fully embraced a dog’s love and companionship.

An article in The Washington Post reported that the surge of adoptions and sales began as early as March 2020. Similarly, the Industrial Association of Pet Care Producers in Germany stated that the number of pets in households rose to nearly 35 million.

Aside from groceries and e-commerce platforms, pet stores, animal rescue shelters, and private breeders witnessed the rise in customers as the pandemic continued.

In the Philippines, veterinary clinics also experience a sudden surge in the number of customers as dog owners hope to provide their fur babies with proper care.

Since it’s uncertain when human interactions will return to normal, our fur babies are considered as our best friend or trusted companion during this time. They communicate differently yet there’s something about a dog’s love that’s pure and unchanging.

Dogs cannot express their love through words or gifts. But in their own way, they’re always there to remind you how much you mean to them.

Some of a dog’s love languages include giving hugs, leaning on your leg, jumping excitedly when you arrive home or following you wherever you go. You can also share your inner thoughts or personal dreams with them. Behind their adorable faces are open hearts for their hoomans, always.

Getting a dog is the easiest part of being a fur parent. But owning a fur baby doesn’t stop with posting their cutest photos on social media or leaving them alone when you’re too busy. It’s a responsibility that fur parents should embrace wholeheartedly.

Being a responsible fur parent starts with giving your dogs nutritious food. It’s not enough to grab the first dog food that you see in the store. Before deciding on which dog food to buy, you must take note of its nutrients and health benefits. In addition, it’s important to be aware of your dog’s allergies and preferences.

Canis Prime Adult Dog Food is a budget-friendly diet that comes with health benefits for your fur baby’s needs. It prioritizes your doggo’s health by providing the right amount of nutrition in every meal.

Canis Prime is packed with Prime Tech that comes in an easy-to-digest formula for your fur babies. It is enriched with probiotics for better nutrient absorption and stronger immune system, Omega 3 and 6 to nourish their skin and coat, and Yucca extracts to reduce stool odors.

Of course, Canis Prime does not just focus on giving your dog the nutrients it needs. It also protects their dental hygiene by reducing cavity buildup on their teeth and gums.

Canis Prime is a trustworthy companion in protecting your fur baby’s health and well-being. It’s a favorite product of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno for his lovable companion “Yorme” the dog.

Being a responsible pet owner starts with giving your dog yummy and healthy food. Canis Prime Adult Dog Food is the best way to start. It is made with outstanding nutrition and taste to ensure your dog’s prime condition.

Canis Prime Adult Dog Food comes in a 20 kg pack and will soon be available in 1.5 kg.

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