House extends validity of reparation funds for Martial law victims

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Congress-House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading the joint resolution, extending the validity of reparation funds for martial law victims until December 2019.

House Joint Resolution 26, authored by Carlos Isagani T. Zarate, proposed to continue the availability of funds to victims of human rights violation after it ended in May 2018.

According to Mr. Zarate, as of May 11, 2018, the Human Rights Victims Claims Board (HRVCB) approved 11,103 legitimate claimants of more than 75,000 applicants.

Of this number, the HRVCB was only able to resolve 6,737 appeals and had issued checks valid for only three months.

“As of June 28, 2018, the HRVCB account with the Land Bank of the Philippines reported a balance of P792.628 million,” Mr. Zarate said the resolution. — Charmaine A. Tadalan