Honestbee provides injury policy for workers

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HONESTBEE, an online concierge and delivery service provider, said it now provides personal injury insurance coverage for its employees while they are fulfilling or delivering orders.

In a statement, Honestbee said its has enrolled thousands of its shoppers and delivery personnel in a group personal injury policy.

“The policy covers a range of situations while on the job, such as medical expenses, hospitalization, temporary incapacity, permanent disablement and even death. The policy is effective immediately,” the company said.

The Singapore-based company said the policy is being implemented in the 16 cities in eight countries where it operates, namely the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. In the Philippines, Honestbee is available in Metro Manila and some parts of Cebu.

Crystal Gonzalez, managing director of Honestbee Philippines, said the company believes in providing safety and security to its employees.

“We currently have hundreds out on the field who continue to work hard in giving convenience and high quality service for our customers,” she was quoted as saying in a statement.

In Asia, Honestbee works with 10,900 stores and restaurants. It has been operating in Philippines since 2017, partnering with small and medium-sized restaurants, supermarkets, and businesses such as Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Selections, and Ministop.

Customers can shop for groceries or order food from restaurants on the Honestbee app or website, and have it delivered.