Homegrown Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup successfully rolled out

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THE PHOENIX PULSE FORMULA V1 Virtual Cup successfully kicked off on Oct. 10. — TUASON RACING

THE Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup, the country’s first homegrown virtual race series, successfully kicked off on Oct. 10 with Andre Varquez and Luis Moreno emerging as Race 1 winners.

Featured 55 e-motorsports athletes who pitted their skills over the PC-based Assetto Corsa software virtual race, Messrs. Varquez and Moreno separated themselves by copping the top spots in the AM and PRO class categories.

Mr. Varquez set the fastest time in the AM Class, lapping the Monza racetrack in 02:01.782.

He was followed by Francis Metrillo, who grabbed second place at the beginning of the second lap and held his position until the end of the race.

Jether Miole came in third.

Mr. Moreno, meanwhile, ruled the opening race in the PRO class category, clocking in at a record of 02:01.785.

Coming in at second was Inigo Anton, with Darryl Brady finishing at third.

Race 1 of the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup was broadcast over Tuason Racing’s Facebook page.

Given the prevailing conditions with the coronavirus pandemic, Tuason Racing underscores the value of platforms like the Phoenix virtual competition in sustaining interest in motorsports.

And while going virtual has its challenges, it believes that on the flipside the current situation also opens up opportunities, which Phoenix Petroleum Philippines and Tuason Racing want to explore and build up through the Virtual Cup.

Race 2 of the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup will be held on Oct. 17, 2020, to be broadcast again at the Tuason Racing’s Facebook fan page and TuasonRacingTV YouTube Channel. — Michael Angelo S. Murillo