HK’s Harbour City taken over by Toy Story 4

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PART of the Toy Story 4 interactive exhibit at Hong Kong’s Harbour City.

TOY STORY 4’s characters come to life in a new way at Hong Kong’s Harbour City through an interactive exhibit which is ongoing until Aug. 4.

Inspired by the film, Harbour City mall has transformed into a Toy Story-themed carnival with different games and challenges, where visitors can get to meet Woody and the rest of the gang. Figures of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Slinky Dog welcome guests at the seven meter-tall giant arch entrance at Ocean Terminal Forecourt. Visitors can snap photos with other Toy Story characters like Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Jessie, and the Aliens at the balloon ticket booth, roller coaster, and merry-go-round. Game tokens can be used at different games and challenges.

The carnival continues at the Ocean Terminal Deck, with three installations and two games against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour. Pose and snap a few photos with the six meter-tall Buzz Lightyear Ferris Wheel and Summer Road Trip Camping Van, or step up and help Bo Peep save the Aliens at “Bo Beep: I’m in Charge.” Visitors can also show off their driving skills at the car racing challenge “Duke Caboom: Kart Race.”

Meanwhile, Harbour City is welcoming everyone named Bonnie from around the world to the carnival party. To join a visitor must present a passport, official ID, or any proof showing their name is Bonnie to redeem a set of tokens for free to enjoy the carnival games. Walk through “Bonnie’s Classroom,” and follow along with the giant storybook installation to check out fun facts about the movie with Forky. Visitors can even turn themselves into Forky with the “Kinect Experience.”

In addition to the carnival, fans can experience other immersive activities throughout the mall including The Art of Toy Story 4 exhibit, children’s workshops, an interactive digital game, a Toy Doctor consultation, and a Toy Story pop-up store.

Until Sept. 1, visitors can also enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland’s Toy Story & Pixar Pals Summer Splash, where Toy Story friends and other Pixar characters will be around to party with fans of the films. The Pixar Water Play Street Party brings together the largest array of Pixar characters, complete with new floats, performances, and much more.

Hong Kong Disneyland is bringing some of these activities to Harbour City, including the Summer Splash Sweet Kitchen where guests can choose 11 sweets featuring Woody, Buzz, and Slinky, along with three drink containers featuring Buzz, Woody, and the Alien.

Harbour City is working with The Salvation Army to collect pre-loved toys to share with those in need. It is accepting new or gently-used toys at Bonnie and Forky’s Toy Classroom, where donees will receive a special gift in thanks.

There are also exclusive shopping offers on Toy Story-themed products as well, and exclusive Toy Story-themed ATM cards by Standard Chartered Bank.

To access the Toy Story experience at Harbour City, pre-register for an Our Toy Stories Passport for free at Collect the commemorative stamps for a chance to win a limited edition Toy Story 4 Puzzle.

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