Ballet Philippines‘ Young Choreographers Showcase will be held from June 9-10 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Seven pieces will be presented for the first time.



National Artist for Dance and Ballet Philippines founder Alice Reyes talks about the importance of the Young Choreographers Showcase, which will be held from June 9-10 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Choreography Bonifacio Guerrero Jr.
Music: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

From the “baro’t saya” to crop tops and skinny jeans. From neatly kept hair to permed and rebonded hair. The Filipino woman has drastically changed over the years. Today, we have the “Magdalena” identity. She is reserved, modest, obedient, and submissive to her partner. Yet, she is also seductive, immodest and domineering. Do we women stick to the old Filipina identity? Or do we move forward with this new Filipina persona?
Dancers: Niño Royeca, Monica Gana, Graciela Andes, Karla Santos, Joanne Tangalin, Ramona Yusay, Jan Mikaella Villanueva, and Gia Cuerpo

“Danse Macabre”
Choreography Danilo Dayo
Music: Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns

“Danse Macabre” or dance of death is a medieval allegory involving a procession of both living and dead figures. It originated from late 13th- and early 14th-century poems that combined the ideas of the inevitability and impartiality of death.
Dancers: Luigie Barrera, Ace Polias, Justine Joseph Orande, Edgar Lacaba, and Mark Anthony Balucay

“The Weight on Our Toes”
Choreography Erl Sorilla
Music: Frédéric Chopin

“The Weight on Our Toes” is a metaphor for gender fluidity. At times, we abuse ourselves by conforming to societal norms, which, in turn, leaves us feeling empty. From this emptiness may come a desire to break free from labels: shaping, pressing, conquering the weight on our toes by “filling our own shoes.”
Dancers: Victor Maguad, Niño Royeca, Alexis Piel, and Ricmar Bayoneta

“Sun Down”
Choreography Gia Gequinto
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

“Sun Down” revolves around a woman who wears a cloth wrapped around her waist, hanging down loosely and covering her legs. The skirt is an inspiration to embrace the struggles, challenges and imperfections that one encounters in life. One moves through this journey, skirting the edges of their personal limits. As Jill Santopolo wrote: “…and though she was in this dark and broken place, she still able to create beauty.”
Dancer: Katrene San Miguel

Choreography John Ababon
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach & Edward Elgar

Everyone is searching to find their purpose in this journey we call life. Along the way, we discover many things about ourselves. These may be small, big, good or bad for us. But no matter what these discoveries are, what matters most is the satisfaction you have gained and found in yourself.
Dancers: Carlo Padoga, Gianna Hervas, Isabel Shy, and Claire Jeng

“That Moment”
Choreography Monica Gana
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

We encounter many people in our lives. But when we meet that one special person, a unique journey begins—almost like a roller-coaster ride.
Dancers: Gia Gequinto and Emmanuelle Guillermo

Choreography Ronelson Yadao
Music: Yann Tiersen and Lucio San Pedro

“MA” is a tribute to Ronelson Yadao’s mama and to all the women that he was blessed to call “mami,” “nanay,” “ina.” Says Mr. Yadao: “My mama is my first mentor when it comes to strength.
 Strength in giving me breath inside her womb, milk from birth, sleepless nights just to give me a good night’s sleep, early call times for a good day breakfast and words of wisdom as I go through this lifetime.
 This may be a lifetime of exhausting tasks for a mother but the word ‘task’ is never listed in her vocabulary towards her children.  The word ‘task’ is covered by ‘Love’.
 A Love in sacrificing and enduring everything and would never think twice to do it all over again.
 One of the greatest forms of Love, after Jesus, is from our Mothers.”
Dancers: Sarah Alejandro, Jemima Reyes, Danilo Dayo, and Erl Sorilla